Friday, October 8, 2010

crazy Dumm Skool :D

ACT 1: Crazy Dumm skool :D

Am I still incepted or living for real ?
Not sure! don’t even know if time can reveal the truth :)

What so ever, I am trying to enjoy every moment & every breath of it.
So lets not worry too much about it & move on….

'your blog has a medieval touch' said some one.
(smiling to myself, I thought its better to put in this style than the usual josephites slang)

Oh then, such & thy & such & thy… really sucks ! Lets pack it :(

A compulsory Eng. Literature course on a romantic comedy of Shakespeare’s play as part of curriculum, An Anglo Indian skool in the jungles of coonoor called SJC(st josephs college), started way back in 1888, by patrician bro’s from England.

What’s the style got to do with it?

SCENE 1: SJC Literature class
The Twelfth night play Starts some thing like this…
ACT 1 : Scene 1
Duke : If music be the food of love ;), play on…….
Goes on till Act 5 : scene xxx (till the book lasts)

To get through the course almost every word of it had to be interpreted in ‘n ways’, that even Shakespeare wouldn’t have thought off :(

it’s a ROMANTIC Comedy ;) & we basically had to analyzing who is trying for whom & who all are in luv at different junctures with all sort of probability & combination to it :
what a sexy thing to do in class :D

I could have borrowed his medieval style : stop; stop: for heavens sake don’t compare shake(sekar) with Shakespeare :p, it’s a little too early :p

Listen to this ( pl. bare with the language used )

X1 : Hey fucker!
Y1 : ya,Ass hole
X2 : man, move ur butt.
Y2 : Fuck off !
X3 : Shut ur trap & move ur ass.
Y3 : shit… F*……

Oops Smiley 3 Was that a fight btw two druggist in the streets of US
Nope - then?
SCENE 2: SJC main flat (main ground) under the breezy trees
It was just a cool chit chat btw friends for bench space :)
What they actually meant was just this :-
Badu : hi buddy ! (X1)
Suku : yep (Y1)
Badu : hey, move a bit (X2)
Suku : nope! (Y2)
Badu : come on, pl. move it man (X3)
Suku : [suku moves and gives space to badu :)] (Y3)

Humm :| Dude, I swear its no hype!

Outsiders would not bare the slang, but its just a slang / day to day thing & No more meaning attached to it, so what’s wrong !!! Crazy skool!!

Roll call:
4. Sekar :- yes,mam.
5. steven :- mam, am here.
? attendance in class - nope, not at all !

SCENE 3: Grass slopes of Main flat (ground) during Inter school Footer Match

its INTER SCHOOL footer:-
School declared holiday – its compulsory attendance to cheer up our team !
We would shout our ass off – every dumm kid’s throat wil be fucked up in a couple of hours. It’s in the blood of every josephite, 10s & 100s of cheering songs composed by josephites all these years with so many flavours and tunes… to suite different situations of any match.
Transfering adrenaline & team spirit from cheering crowd to the players in the field…
oh… how do I explain the liveliness, Infact we had literally cheered our team to victor from downside, so many times B-) “ it’s a class about the European league stuff”B-)

Interestingly one / two girls would be part of some footer team, putting their foot with guys. I just, luv such bravo gals ;). In fact would have had little crush on a few such on field bravo or off the field bravo types. :D:D:D

Rule book of SJC says that every kid had to go through 2 hours of evening athletic practice.
Show stopper: Sags ( staff in charge of athletics) , He would be assisted by a bunch of staffs in charge of various house… yep, I was an Azadian – moto “Never give in” , true to the moto we were the 112th Annual athletic meet champs B-).

Scene 4: Athletics practice sessions:

Sags: You ! smart ass… Get ur ass up & run smart ;)
(quick & sharp voice, encouraging an athlete during practice)

OMG! Just to escape some of grueling athletic sessions, I would be off to Pole vault.
( that’s how i became a pole vaulter & Inter IIT medals :D).
I would run marathon, being a boarder it’s only chance to see the outside world – running up & down the hills of coonoor jungle every day:-
kissing the Wellington war memorial :)
breezing through the golf course of coonoor Gymkhana
Saluting the officers of Defense staff college
flying kisses to cool girls on the streets ;)
Then the Apple by road on the backyards of the crazy skool.
Those were the moments of freedom!

wow! – the lovely Grass flat, where footer would become Rugby on a rainy days B-)

I could still feel the legacy in every bit of my body. Its been getting into shape all these years & I treasure it the most. :)
Some insti. friends say that when I play footer, I actually reveal myself too much ;)
@ gals: beware, I just meant my attitude while playing & nothing else. :D:D

Oh! OMG!: Images of the gala day is still right in front of my eyes.
Every josephite would be proud off & others envy us !
Best part is that it’s a congregation of really cool chicks(gals) on earth .
some kind of festival?

SCENE 5: Lush Green MRC stadium, Wellington cantonment.

It’s the final day of Inter school Athletic Meet. Best of schools from nilgiris and rest of TN under some vague English speaking schools association would be there… Lawrence-Lovedale, Laidllaw memorial, Stanes, Kodai International, Green valley, Breeks memorial, Hildas…….and lot more.. Would all be there competing..

Josephites are champs for some 20 odd consecutive years…. I have not seen it any where – Athletics being such a team work… 'such' sucks but…with such passion, fighting spirit & pride with the spirit of a true sportsmen.

Its such a beauty to see this place in action : its luv, its culture, its system, its pride, its spirit, it’s a Legacy of its own…………Josephites!

In a way, I some how did not get carried away completely by the romance of the whole place, but I did enjoy every bit of it :)

Story goes on & on … Hostel day, cultural's.. calendar is always full!
ACT 2 to ACT 5 (gist)

'Once a Josephite is always a Josephite' words of Mr. Beal
Aldi’s English class used to be unique with unending discussion on every possible GEN topic. :)
No one on earth can link every math concept to philosophy in life like 'haldurai' does.
My love for physics had no bounds with never ending experiments that I guess Suzan mam is still expecting me to become some kind of scientist. ;)
The thundering voice of french mam, who is young in her late 70s.

We haven’t heard of tuition's/ extra classes / entrance coaching…, passing board exam was considered an achievement. I was crazy enough among this craziness to try for IIT-JEE along with Zanef. I just skipped one of the weekly movie for JEE prep & that was talk of the skool ( hey , some one kept away from movie lastnight & was fuckin studying : what crap). We would have almost watched every Decent English movie that had come out in the decade (action, comedy, romance.. )
Dumm skool!
Humm :| Dude, I swear its no hype!

One heck of a crazy dumm skool : others would call it, but then it was so lively & real. Or probably its for everyone to discover for themselves which is dumm, crazy & cool/real.

For some reason, we keep changing and experimenting with our self. May be -
“Change is the only thing that's permanent” & at the same time
“There is a line of thread connecting all these changes” ha! what a paradox !!!

My words run into pages & pages… about childhood, about college, about insti(home sweet home) and about every damn thing that off late I don’t feel like posting more. Guess I should let it all die with me forever & ever. :(

We did not learn 12th maths / 12th physics / JEE maths / JEE physic but simply as raw maths & physics as raw & real……

May be, it was just my perception & not really true, but truth itself is one such perception that we believe in it to be true… Wow! ’What an Idea – sir Ji’.
Shake mobiles #
call 123456 ;):p:D

'sekar' AKA 'Shake' AKA 'shakie' AKA 'shakie boy' AKA 'shake her' AKA 'Try' AKA 'arul' AKA 'arul sekar'.........what ever i was called as......

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Inceptive Luv :)

Inceptive Luv !
Such unconditional! Such belief! Such unexpectation! Such luv!

Half heartedly – back in the window seat of the bus : Wind blowing over my head, Breeze watering the eyes, trying to knock off a tear drop in vain. Soo much of heaviness, that the ‘surface tension’ did not give in. :P

In search of some thing , got plugged to the earphones – playing ‘ye doorian’ or ‘Tum se hi’ – forgot which one, as always :D . As I was getting into the song – something suddenly happened – seems like I got into Inception ;)

Layer 1
A sunny afternoon, I am walking on the road side after a heavy lunch at ‘Andhra Mess’.
I was Chilled!
What? Chilled under hot sun : Cut the crap !

Yep! Chilled & frozen to a still ! admiring a cute black doggy – musky and shape built to perfection, that its female counterparts would put their tongue out for ;)

Still frozen to a still, I’m admiring the doggy waving its tail as if a car viper automatically reacting to a hailstorm, shaking its body as if swimming through the air and for n’th time coming around a really vague man :-

Unattended beard for he has no savings to trim
Untidy torn cloths for he has no change cloths
Unworthy sack of scrap for he has no other possession

Who he is, where he comes from is not a thing for that doggy, for its unconditional luv!

Such Unconditional! Such Luv!

Just at this time, some thing happens again – seems like I got into another Inception ;)

Layer 2
Fishermen moving around in boats for their living
Fish racing faster & faster for their life
Clouds closing in for its time has come
Rain droplets splashing down for its place has come

There I stood,In knee high chilling backwaters of pulicat lake with sea shore as background!
I am chilled!

What? You are chilled again – cut the crap :(
Don’t go freeze urself now!

Yep! I can freeze no more!

Everything else the fishermen, the fish, the clouds, the drops are frozen to a still. I’m
Admiring that little pretty girl for she is lost in the joy of everything around as if experiencing for the first time ever.
Guess what? I am lost in her joy - Watching her Jumping around in the backwaters, trying to touch every falling rain drop, Feeling the clouds in her finger tips and splashing water with her tiny little legs on me :) I just join her actions in flesh & blood.

Galloping every bit of energy in her, she would come running towards me in the madness of joy, then jump & launch herself to cling on to my neck:) least bothering about falling or drowning for she just believed in me!

Yep! I can freeze no more! I just can’t let her belief down.

She would runaway from me & again run back into me with ever more madness of joy! Such belief! Such Luv!

To me everything else was frozen to still but for that pretty she & her joy.

I was lost in her joy, was living through her eyes loosing my identity!
Expecting nothing in return but for her tunes to sing & dance with! :)

Such belief! Such unexpectation! Such luv!

Just at this time, some thing happens again – seems like I got into another Inception ;)

Layer 3
Insane to Max - lost forever – singing the song ‘you are my sunshine, my only….’
I am drifting & floating & …

*** missing all 3 layers ‘}’

Wait a sec! wait a sec!
“It is not as is seems to be” – remembering the dialog from movie ‘The Recruit’ :P
How will I know if I was into inception or living for real?
I just have no clue :D

Am not sure if it was all real or if I was copied to various layers of inception that I was living parallely :P………What so ever - I am enjoying every moment & every breath of it in sacroscant.

Living every moment to the fullest with no past to crib! & no future to worry !!!

Such unconditional! Such belief! Such unexpectation! Such luv!
An Inceptive Luv! :)

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Thy BraveHearts – its about two little runaway kids whom I met while traveling!

Such beauty! Such innocence! Such bravery!

Sun was just about to set in the temple town of madurai. I am running to catch a bus to coimbatore after a few meetings. Yep, Lunch was skipped or forgotten as it often happens :), caught up with a puff and some junk food to keep my tummy calm I got into the bus.

Two little kids sitting alone caught my eyes, thought I could get into some simple and interesting chat. Wah ! I was blown over by hearing to the conversation just as I took the seat next to them.

Conversation went on like this:-

conductor: where are you going?

Boys: coimbatore

Conductor: get me 120 rs.

Boys: ( one puts his little hand into the pocket of his old half trouser: pulls out a bunch of 10 rs notes)

Puts it all together and gives 70 to the conductor

Conductor: I need 120.

Boys: (with a cute smile) We ate for the rest of the cash :).

Conductor: take out 120 or get down :(

Boys: (with an innocent look) We were very hungry, so we ate for the rest of the cash.

Driver interrupts and says “give them half ticket or some thing, poor kids”

Thus travel ticket was issued..

Oh I thought its going to be dam interesting :P, with these boys.

There was no victorious smile or rather a bit of relief as they got the ticket. May be they aren’t aware of what’s happening around or may be they knew that this is what is going to happen.

Bus is fast moving away from the big temples into the country side with green fields on one side and railway line on the other side. Soon a lot of questions are thrown to these kids by the people around………

where are you boys from?

Where are you going to ?

Who are you going to meet there?

Do you go to school?

Bla bla bal…

Amazing! They are siblings from mattuthavani, one was 8 yrs & the other was 11 yrs, Going to a specific bakery in coimbatore, to meet their brother, expired father, mom working in brick chamber & not attending school.

wow !

Such Clarity in thy words! Such Beauty in thy voice! Such Innocence in thy acts! Such Bravery in thy heart!

this went on for half an hour,

then they ran out of gas! Couldn’t manipulate anymore – words were short-circuited & clarity was lost.

Ya, They are going to bakery & don’t know where it is, they r not siblings but cousins, They are not from matuthavani but some other place, they are going to rescue their brother stuck in coimbatore…..! & what not !

Still Such Beauty in thy voice! Such Innocence in thy acts! Such Bravery in thy heart! but for clarity !

(what’s wrong –its just clarity that was missing, As if we are clear about what life has for us tomorrow and where we are heading to :P )

I simply said that I know ppl in coimbatore who will be able to offer some job…. There it was evident…! Their eyes got lit up as if powered directly from the lightning !zzzzz

A lady sitting behind got little loud saying that these guys will be kidnapped there and instructed them to get back home and go to school & bla blab la…

The collective wisdom of people around was that these boys should be handed over to police and returned home safely.

Still such beauty! Such innocence! Such bravery! ,

I haven’t seen it any where else.

Random thoughts went on…

May be these guys are trying to run away from some trouble

May be we are preventing the emergence of future ambani’s :P

May be they will get into bigger trouble :(

Just at that time the bus braked in front of the police station. Myself and few others got down with the boys….didn't knowing if any thing better could have been done.

Even the little cash they had went into that unused half ticket.

The inspector questioned these boys.... ... ...

the kids were still going strong ! but for clarity !

Bus honked .... I had to go - a half hearted one !

Such Beauty ! Such Innocence ! Such Bravery ! ---------- Thy Bravehearts !

yep, am blogging !

have been thinking for really long... that i should get bla , bla. yes, get blogging :)

few of my friends were pushing me to... I think my time has come..

- Here I am ! This is me !