Sunday, August 29, 2010

Inceptive Luv :)

Inceptive Luv !
Such unconditional! Such belief! Such unexpectation! Such luv!

Half heartedly – back in the window seat of the bus : Wind blowing over my head, Breeze watering the eyes, trying to knock off a tear drop in vain. Soo much of heaviness, that the ‘surface tension’ did not give in. :P

In search of some thing , got plugged to the earphones – playing ‘ye doorian’ or ‘Tum se hi’ – forgot which one, as always :D . As I was getting into the song – something suddenly happened – seems like I got into Inception ;)

Layer 1
A sunny afternoon, I am walking on the road side after a heavy lunch at ‘Andhra Mess’.
I was Chilled!
What? Chilled under hot sun : Cut the crap !

Yep! Chilled & frozen to a still ! admiring a cute black doggy – musky and shape built to perfection, that its female counterparts would put their tongue out for ;)

Still frozen to a still, I’m admiring the doggy waving its tail as if a car viper automatically reacting to a hailstorm, shaking its body as if swimming through the air and for n’th time coming around a really vague man :-

Unattended beard for he has no savings to trim
Untidy torn cloths for he has no change cloths
Unworthy sack of scrap for he has no other possession

Who he is, where he comes from is not a thing for that doggy, for its unconditional luv!

Such Unconditional! Such Luv!

Just at this time, some thing happens again – seems like I got into another Inception ;)

Layer 2
Fishermen moving around in boats for their living
Fish racing faster & faster for their life
Clouds closing in for its time has come
Rain droplets splashing down for its place has come

There I stood,In knee high chilling backwaters of pulicat lake with sea shore as background!
I am chilled!

What? You are chilled again – cut the crap :(
Don’t go freeze urself now!

Yep! I can freeze no more!

Everything else the fishermen, the fish, the clouds, the drops are frozen to a still. I’m
Admiring that little pretty girl for she is lost in the joy of everything around as if experiencing for the first time ever.
Guess what? I am lost in her joy - Watching her Jumping around in the backwaters, trying to touch every falling rain drop, Feeling the clouds in her finger tips and splashing water with her tiny little legs on me :) I just join her actions in flesh & blood.

Galloping every bit of energy in her, she would come running towards me in the madness of joy, then jump & launch herself to cling on to my neck:) least bothering about falling or drowning for she just believed in me!

Yep! I can freeze no more! I just can’t let her belief down.

She would runaway from me & again run back into me with ever more madness of joy! Such belief! Such Luv!

To me everything else was frozen to still but for that pretty she & her joy.

I was lost in her joy, was living through her eyes loosing my identity!
Expecting nothing in return but for her tunes to sing & dance with! :)

Such belief! Such unexpectation! Such luv!

Just at this time, some thing happens again – seems like I got into another Inception ;)

Layer 3
Insane to Max - lost forever – singing the song ‘you are my sunshine, my only….’
I am drifting & floating & …

*** missing all 3 layers ‘}’

Wait a sec! wait a sec!
“It is not as is seems to be” – remembering the dialog from movie ‘The Recruit’ :P
How will I know if I was into inception or living for real?
I just have no clue :D

Am not sure if it was all real or if I was copied to various layers of inception that I was living parallely :P………What so ever - I am enjoying every moment & every breath of it in sacroscant.

Living every moment to the fullest with no past to crib! & no future to worry !!!

Such unconditional! Such belief! Such unexpectation! Such luv!
An Inceptive Luv! :)