Friday, February 4, 2011

Journey of stars

A star with no name
A journey to no where
A twinkle with a nice smile :)
A twinkle that could die; I was.

Knowingly & unknowingly, with its own troughs & crests
Slowly & steadily , with its own little strength & energy
Stealthily & deceptively, with its own right & wrong
Kame another little star; My guiding star.

It was so smooth like a mom's care
It was so casual like a kids talk
It was so natural like flowing water
It was Gods will; My guiding star :)

With bit by bit, it gained its momentum
With troughs & crests, it amplified its amplitude
With kids play, queens beauty & emperors wisdom; she conquered me
Was not just my guiding star; Final pole star :D

Its walls went crumbling down
I was striped to the core & re-done
I will cherish the new me, forever and ever.
Its going to take me to the top of the world :)

But the intensity became too much to hold on..
Both drove away from each other, moving farther& farther.
But lesser became the inter stellar distance & we were dying :(
B'cos I am her pole star & she is mine :)

A shrinking star; i was.
Bring me to life; i heard.
Summoning every little energy; i went.
Entering the walls of the destiny; i fell.
Speechless, motionless & almost dead; i fell.
I could die a hundred death, for its My pole star :)

OMG: Blamed the most cherished one!
O Lord: It was evils voice :( - Forgive me! pl.. (not intended, not my own)
O Lord: Pl. don't make me regret it for long.. ple... !
OMG: I had ruined it! Destiny was denied again!! :-(

I was dumb, I was crazy, I was emotional.
I am no worthy of loving the destiny, if I weren't these :D
It was a tough call, with blurring right & wrong.
But how can i not TRY, if it could be good for one & all.

I couldn't save her nor myself.
I tend to believe my eyes more than my ears, so it was getting tough.
With tears rolling down & the humming.....
When your tears are spent in your last pretense... will be right beside u...

Everything else vanished in air, but for this journey.
Everything else could be done 1000's better, if with the pole star.
Its not too far, for both the stars to join together & sing in unison.
Into the elixir of everlasting fun & joy, giving light to every other star; Its not too far...

Its not too far... That fine day, In that Joy :D:D
I would kick ass her to flight :p
Launch myself and hug her to the core - mid air ;)
Kiss her with the swirl to the dawn of the new universe B-)

All we have got to do is...
Stop searching for reasons to run away & pack the little differences.
Shut our brains, Ask our hearts & Act fast before its too late.
Look at the new dawn with renewed confidence B-)

I have it in me, Do you have it in you ??
To reach the ultimate destiny ! :)
What an idea sir Ji - come Join Indian army :p
Dude: Ultimately its your call! Lets catch up asap !!!

I am just loving the journey and the destiny ;)
I may ruin it , if i talk more....
It was a tough call, with blurring right & wrong.
But how can i not TRY, if it will be good for one & all in the long run :)

Journey of stars - final pole star : Destiny - Dawn of the new universe.