Saturday, April 16, 2011

A date with Freedom struggle PART II

Y waste time:

my friend: This anna hazare fast & stuff is all Media gimic..
me: Abey, that's what is needed. More ppl. more media more more ppl. to put pressure on the government :B-)

fr: Its going to go no where, y waste time.
me: oops! Dude u may be right. But there is no fun watching a bunch of politicians & Rich claiming all the TAX payers money :(

fr: Anna - gandian - Fasting - what crap : the best thing to do is to .........
me: ohh, Shut up :( , u run behind some thing called best thing & do nothing...

me: frankly , I don't know who this Anna hazare is, But I do know that Kiran bedi & Arvind Kejriwal would have put in their thoughts before joining hands.
Even if its not the best, its not a bad option!
Am just jumping in - how about u?

friend: humm..... , oki. I am with u !
i will just miss a few days of work & few IPL matchs...big deal! Lets jump in :)

Wow ! That's the spirit !!

5 Apr 2011:

i was wondering if chennai was a dead city.
No public events planed to support Anna Hazare's Fast Until death for stronger Lokpal bill[Anti corruption movement].

8 Apr 2011:

I am proud and happy that today we made chennai more lively (few hundred ppl)


6 am:
A Hundred people gathered in front of Gandhi statue-Marina beach.
Local councellor & SI with a load of police came to the spot to chase us away at any cost - obvious ruling parties wish.
we can make it happen if we stay together united - lessons learnt from a kid level strike durin UG days for some funny reason :)
7 am:
"144 declared" - was thundring SI's voice : after all the usual police threatening tricks failed.
Some of oldies, kids & youth quitely sliped away.
Chandru,vignesh & few others Stood strong to keep about 50 of us.

Anti corruption slogans was flowing in our voice - with our heads held high, we were arrested and taken in police van.

i pulled in my friends saying it would be few hours or max. a day of jail - fun isn't it :B-)

Second Freedom Strugle:
8:30 am
Men in uniform released us and accepted to drop us at the private gathering place in T-nagar, or else they have to feed & take care of us :D

9:30 am
News spreading virally, people started pouring in with support.
It was nice to see ppl. coming out to streets, but it wasn't enough for city of chennai.
Former election comissionr Mr. Naresh gupta and few prominent ppl. joined us:)
crowd stood at 500.

Pepli Live moment:
9:30 am
Oh the Tv channels and reporters started pitching in with live telecast to all over the world, It was like the Pepli Live moment..
When i got chance to be live in a national TV - I called out for more youth & students to come out in support - b'cos its our moment !

It's Our Moment: come Join

11:30 am
Goal was set:
We all spreaded our wings to gather more support thru sms, mail, FB ...
"Come join the Candle light vigil at Marina beach - gandhi statue at 6 pm today
Now its your chance to be part of the Living chennai."

Candle light vigil - Marina beach :
6 pm:
Sign of victory has arrived for all the strugle we put in the morning!
thousand Candles lit, swaying with the breaze, beautifying the marina beach.
thoundering sound, slogans aganinst corruption with electrifying energy.

Actor Karthick(surya's bro) & few other prominant personalities were there.

9 Apr 2011:

10 am:
Indian Govt. was frightened about this whole movement with the kind of support it gathered all over the country
Govt. agreed to the demands of this civilian movement.

Victory ! Victory !! Victory !!!

11 am:

The gathering was dispersed with victory speach by a lot of oldies & who called themselvs Big.
Round Chair conferance : people with personal ajenda : NGO that were present: every one want their banner to be painted behind the movement.
Play of Politics:
some were keen to Hijack the whole movement for personal fame: astonishingly some of them i am seeing for the first time in the movement.
Luckily few sensible once rejected for bringing the chennai movement under any banner, so as to protect its sanity and not piss off people who worked for the cause.

we all disperse with a sence of satisfaction.

My respect is unbound to those who stood in tough times like the police arrest.
it was nice to know & work with interesting/nice people from different walks of life.

Thanks to one and all who came to the streets, who were fasting within their walls physically or mentally.

Victory , yes...

remember.. Its the Beginning.
Committee formation-Drafting of Bill-Parliament should pass-Enactment... long way to go.
How many thought that we will come this far... mean while it has to face a lot of bully, lobby & political threat ! Lets wait & see........

This whole thing should be brought into one umberalla, one institution so we don't have to start from scratch when another such need arises... Hope its not needed any more :)

luv u all ;)


  1. gud one...i cud visualize all in my mind while i read dis! :) yes the police arrest did take me aback! :D was more worried abt my folks :D ....but got this sense of pride to be a part of that moment. thought it mus ve been dis way during the gandian days :)....singing bhajans and patriotic songs together and listening to stalwarts (acc to me dey r ) like kalyanam sir was simply amazing...something priceless... i m glad dat d gathering turned out to be fruitful...

  2. Every Indian wants a corruption free nation, but we sleep most of the times. Some catalyst like Anna has to be there to make the emotional reactions react fast and balance the equation :) So nice !!

  3. @gayathri: an interesting experience for me too :D, i guessed it from ur looks that u would prefer slipping off for ur folks sake :) ...was great to see u & ur folks thr :), Hats off.