Sunday, September 18, 2011

La Tomatina ~ Nay Tomatina !

10 years ago:
I vaguely remember that quite evening,I was watching TV.
Red, Red Tomato Red.. news flashs about spanish La tomatina festival !
will be party to La Tomatina when i travel to europe some day; Day Dreaming:D


La Tomatina: flashed all over, since its caught the imagination of many (fueled by 'zindagi na milegi dobara' )
Nay Tomatina: After a week or so i hear about Tomatina from another set of friends for a different reason, wanting to stop the event - Nay Tomatina !

kid's voice: Tomatina, La Tomatina.. la la lala llaa. awesome. its gone be fun :D
Emotional voice: How can i be party to wasting food, when so many go hungry & malnutrition :(
Lazzy voice: oki, forget it; its prized little high & i am anywayz not going.
Few days pass by....

Managerial voice: Why not heavily TAX the people having fun by wasting tomato & Feed the malnutrition / hungry with it !
Entrepreneurial voice: Figure out the supply chain of tomato ( Farm to market) & tweak the tomato procurement policy to source only excess/wastage tomato's during peak tomato season. It's building a strong case that the event will not increase the Net wastage of tomato, moreover they end up Saving on procurement cost. B-)    Bindas !!
Few more days pass by...

Yet again another set of friends prepare a legal petition on the basis of supreme court order issuing notice to central government that wastage of PDS food is in direct violation of 'Fundamental right to food', when millions go hungry & high rate of malnutrition.
oh man , Bindas Idea is gone for a toss. Event is few days away & i may have to take a side. :S
Activist voice: Idea and all is good, but how can we plant a thought in the young minds that wasting food is ok. That too in Indian context?
Gentlemanly voice: Every one has fun in their own ways. Having fun per se can't be condemned & at the same time it shouldn't effect another set of people. There must be some way out...   How about making the organizer implement the Bindas Idea & at the same time make every participant to get involved in few hours of social work before the event :)
wow! its like making them more socially grounded through La Tomatina fun filled event B-)
Practical voice: Dude! talk some thing that's practically possible. You think they are going to listen to all this social thinge ?

Clarity eluded my voice in search of a way out!
Unlike me, a lot of my friends had a strong opinion.
At least they had taken a side :)

Eventually I would have fallen for my emotional voice :)
Is it really necessary to have a strong opinion on everything?
La Tomatina ~ Nay Tomatina !

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