Sunday, February 26, 2012

A walk to remember

Just Imagine...
If you were to come back to insti after some 20 years and take a walk starting from stadium all the way around insti through CCD, Tiff, OAT, cauvery hostel, gurunath, CCW, swimming pool and finally back to stadium. 
Quietly listening to the questions that every part of insti puts to you...

[stadium to tiff]

IITM lake sign board-'Beware of crocks': Take a dip & figure out if crocks still exist, Did they ever exist? 
Stadium: No night sky view, only sky scraper view:p . Dude its 2030! still I could help you shed some from your pot belly :) 
CCD : Treat! put treat!!
Tiff : whom are u waitin for, pack off. He/she is not gona come over ;) 

[Tiff to cauvery hostel gate] 
Library: Didn't you find any junta for your pseud putting session.. 
Academic area : oh, you... that visiting student? :p 
Sound of breaze (uzz..uzzzz...) : Dude don't wonder where the sound is coming from, with out any breeze, b'cos its the uzzz... sound of the ghosts of cut-down trees !
CLT : Have told u 'n' times that you are the elitist of students, you could give back so much to the society & the future is in your hands!
      Oops! I got it, Your pay slip is still not enough. seems like the society hasn't given enough to u in 20 years :(
OAT fence : I am the loving fence that gave way when ever you were out of ticket for a movie or a Saarang show :D , those painful kisses ;)
Sports fields sign board: Inter IIT practice sessions, evening games - schroiter - fighting spirit-wins-loses-Inter IIT...pack, Pack all these - Who had the sexy abbs ;) ? 
 [Hostel to stadium thru gurunath & CCW] 
Hostel Security : World may have changed but my snoring will never slow down! ha ha...
Monkeys : What have you got for me this time, U used to stock up so much stuff in your room for my 10 am / 4 pm rounds !!
Gurunath : b'day bumbs, you feel that pain in ur ass, when you got one :)
Quad & sangam : Do u still have it in you, that joy of the fighting spirit in ur guts ?
CCW : pain max processes !!!
swimming pool waters : Fat ass! do u want me to gulp you few more times, won't spare u this time!
Doms DayOut : Have you got your team to win me again ?? 
stadium: Aren't you with your buddy for the secret talk? Beware:- green grass is embedded with microphones...............
you are completely lost into every little crush scattered all over insti - one by one ;)
.......Don't worry, Grass is not yet capable of capturing your thoughts / dreams :p
Hey sweaty !!!
(silence is broken as an old insti friend bumps into u)
Insti - Home sweet Home :) 
This is Uncensored version of the concluding article published a year ago in the book 'The Last bencher' titled "A walk in 2030". The Last Bencher was an attempt to immortalize the memories of life at IIT madras.  
Hats off to 'the last bencher' team & especially to Surbhi(Editor-in-chief) for making this book a reality. You could download a PDF copy of the book at 

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