Sunday, May 6, 2012

Partners in crime

The empty coffee cup from the table was picked up. And the gaze back to the book. A sudden burst of wind inside the doors, everything else forgotten. To be carried away by the moment...

Partners in Crime – Unabridged
The day was ordinary, some mundane tasks at the bank. Forms filled and stamped and refilled. Not a very smart cookie when it comes to matters of the wallet. The money checked and counted and in place and the smartness fades when it comes to the placement of the wallet. Damn, now the wallet is missing. Where is it? Well, before that is it worth the effort of the search? The cards maybe, money discountable. A zillion thoughts buzzing, would it have been taken by somebody who really needed the cash? Is it okay, to simply let go? But the cards matter don’t they? Aargh!

The security empathised, maybe he understood the plight of missing wallets more than anyone else. He was of no help really though. Well a little more time with the nice security man, who is really concerned about the misplaced/stolen wallet than other matters at his hand. So, what next? Maybe a briefing, asking him to give a call if the wallet turns up.

It wouldn’t matter if the wallet cropped up legs and walked back without the money but just the cards would do. It would be understandable of the wallet though, how long can one simply hold money, it was the wallets urge to splurge now. Maybe, a visit to the wallet cleaning guy for a shiny look or a trip to see the world instead of the dingy pockets and smell some fresh air.

Well now, the office beckons. But not for long, the bank seems the place to be for the day. So after half an hour, it is time for another visit for further investigation. A little desperation maybe, the gaze falls on a group of women who keep the campus clean and beautiful. Would they know something? Is there a feel of ‘I wish I can share something with you’? Well, one brave lady bucks up. The conversation rolls. The overtly concerned security guy himself the culprit and with evidence. 

Dilemma,  Is confronting him a solution? would he need the money so bad? Can the wallet take precedence over a human being? Some more voices from the women join along.’ Leave the poor guy, don’t complain, god knows in what need he is in.’
so.. Theft == Gift !

Another lady retorts with indignation, ‘How can you say that? The guy needs to be sacked, a thief is a thief, and a security thief just isn’t right!’ 
so.. Theft = Theft !

The lovely ladies with so much heart and guts also divulge the place where the wallet is hidden. Hmmm, so what now? All points duly noted, a confrontation or let go?
Theft = Theft or Theft == Gift ?

Well maybe it is time to look and scout the bank again. There sits the wallet, there the security watching over the stolen wallet. There the security cameras with their faces turned in all directions. Well, the Sherlock Homes inside came souring out at a singular moment, when the cameras were turned away and the security beckoned to another duty. In that fraction of a second, an ultra chilled out walk, a smooth retrieval of the wallet with all casualness in the world. Mission accomplished !

None confronted. None offended. Just a pack of smiling ladies, a smiling me and the dear wallet which loves to see the world, all in place.. but for the bewildered security in search of the gift / happy enough with the gift of 'no confrontation' B-)

finally, its.. Theft * Theft = Gift 
wow!, what a gift...

Partners in crime :)

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  1. Partners in Crime – Unabridged

    misplaced/stolen wallet - wallets urge to splurge - security guy himself the culprit - 'Leave the poor guy, don’t complain'. so.. Theft == Gift ? - 'thief is a thief, and a security thief just isn’t right!’. so.. Theft = Theft ?

    Sherlock Homes inside came souring out: Mission accomplished ! - finally, its.. Theft * Theft = Gift - None confronted. None offended. Just a pack of smiles - Wow! what a gift - Partners in Crime :)